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A bit about me

I’m a hands on senior creative designer with all-round experience from branding and identity to motion graphics, typography and advertising. Passionate about all aspects of design, I have a keen eye for detail and am always seeking perfection in my work, I am constantly learning new techniques and technologies that allow me to push the boundaries of what I can achieve.

Not just a designer, I am a creative thinker that feels at home pushing ideas further and experimenting with concepts to explore what’s possible. I’m keen to work with both agencies and clients to produce great design that is effective and creates impact.

I have recently set up my own studio - Design Planet - where I am free to experiment with new ideas, work on personal projects and take on new and exciting work.

What I do


I am a creative thinker with my strengths lying in visual problem solving. I find enjoyment in dissecting a brief and experimenting with alternative solutions to bring a story to life, convey a feeling or communicate a message in the most effective way. I believe design is the definitive visual key that can help make the world a better place, drive business’, convey a message or influence change.

Branding & Identity

Your business’ identity must convey it’s purpose in the simplest way to the right audience with the right message. There is a lot more to branding than just a logo, business’ should consider their brand strategy, tone of voice, core values and of course their visual identity. I can make sure you’re making the right branding decisions by guiding your business’ and advising on the best way to approach a new, or existing identity.

Graphic Design

With years of experience designing for many clients across a variety of sectors I can create beautifully executed visuals that are tailored to your business’ needs. From printed business stationary such as business cards and letterheads to marketing and promotional material such as flyer's, leaflets, posters, t-shirts and more, I can communicate your message in an effective manner to achieve your goals.

Digital Design

More than ever your online presence is now so important as it’s often the first touch point for your customers. Make sure their digital experience is enjoyable, informative, and persuasive in order to drive sales. I’ve been designing websites and digital experiences such as mobile apps for many years, and have developed an advanced knowledge of coding and become an SEO expert.

Motion Graphics

Visual storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to communicate to an audience in a digital world where everything seems to be moving. I use both 3D and 2D motion graphics software to create captivating and compelling motion graphics work. I can create and edit video content for digital, advertising, experimental graphics, and branding.

Art Direction

Making sure your brands visual identity is executed consistently across every part of your business is key. As a graphic designer with many years experience I know how important it is to marry great design with great visuals, whether its photographic, video or generative it all needs to come together seamlessly to enhance your brands identity.

Studios I have
worked at


Senior Designer

Design Planet

Design Director

Grey London

Senior Designer (Freelance)

Grey Possible

Senior Designer (Freelance)

999 Design

Senior Designer


Creative Lead


Designer (Freelance)

The Sunday Times

Designer (Freelance)


DBA – Gold

Financial Times – Customer Retention Communications
2017: 999 Design

Brands I have
worked with

  • I worked with Alex for several years on various pitches and projects, and he always brought great ideas to the table and responded to any brief with creativity and skilful execution. Alex is not just a great designer, he's a great leader. Lisa Gill – Director, Reimaginaire

  • I was always impressed with Alex’s broad technical design skills, keen eye for detail, and incredible speed without ever compromising on quality. Not only is Alex a gifted designer, he's also a trustworthy colleague that is always willing to help out whenever the need arises. I miss working with him and I look forward to see what amazing things he'll come up with next. Alessandro Foschini – Senior Designer, BBC

  • Over the last few years Alex has been an inspiration to all of us and a very important asset to the creative design team at NKD. Ricardo Cabrita – Head of Design, NKD

  • Alex’s commitment and dedication to work was second to none. A truly inspirational member of the team, he inspired the rest of the team with his exceptional, ground breaking and innovative design work. One of the most talented designers I have worked with and a true asset to any creative/design team. Chris Lindsay – Studio Manager, ZAK

Alexander Klement


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